Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Looking Good! Level 7-10

Getting to level 7 was fairly easy, the xp rates for herbing/mining were high and I had dinged by the time I'd filled my single bag.  I had a bit of a noob moment though when I realised I hadn't screenshotted the ding...and then forgot that I hadn't changed my hearthstone point yet and had hearthed back to Teldrassil...oops.  I took advantage of the situation and did as many of the pacifist quests I could while running back to the Exodar.

Once at the Exodar I continued in that vein and managed to get an 8 slot bag as a quest reward for stealing back maps and compasses, fairly quickly I was level 8.  From level 8-10 I was just farming going round in circles.  I stopped sometimes to log a different toon in the area to kill blood elf bandits I encountered in case they dropped the mask.  Unfortunately they didn't.

The price for copper ore seems to have shot up to 25g per stack and I had quite a bit of stuff to post on the auction house.  Hopefully I earn enough gold to buy a mining or herb bag.  I don't want to waste gold on the white mining/herb 20 slot bags.

I've also been spending time on other characters on the server to get to know my new guildmates.  The guild is very small but the members who are online on a regular basis are very chatty, very helpful, and always up for some fun in a dungeon or battleground.  I'm really hoping I can make this place a regular watering hole.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Short Blast! Level 5-6

I got home this weekend Sunday afternoon so I had time to relax and play Ashlova a little more.  I wasn't really in the mood for anything vaguely related to work so I  ran around getting explorer xp and doing the innkeeper quests.  I must have done the human and night elf ones already because they weren't available when I wasted time running to them.  And while running round the dwarf area I realised I'd forgotten to finish exloring Elwynn Forest.  Yep, definately too tired to farm!

The stack of silverleaf I'd posted had sold and I had enough gold to buy mining training and a pick.  While running round Dun Morogh I made the decision I would be buying catform and prowl when I could so I can sneak through tunnels without dying.  Getting from A to B without agroing stuff would make the process of making gold so much faster.  I then made the run of death through the tunnel to the dwarf starting area for that innkeeper quest.  If you ever try my challenge don't bother running through the tunnel of death, that innkeeper quest is part of a chain, it was unavailable.  The gnome one was though ^.^

My computer decided to be a pain in the ass and froze right after my guild promoted me to a higher rank (I had just enough time to thank them), my computer then bluescreened when I restarted.  I have no idea why, I use a laptop and it's in a well ventilated position.  WoW and the video I was watching eventually started working and I was back on track.  The Ironforge Airport prevented me from getting the Dun Morogh exploration achievement so I moved on to the Draenei area so I could start farming there among the neutral mobs and get that innkeeper quest and the fishing quest completed.

While running round Azuremyst Isle I encountered a Draenei Youngling, after googling it I discovered that Draenei get an extra quest if you cast Gift of the Naaru on the NPC.  Good to know if I level another Draenei.

Once my bags were full of herbs and copper I went to the Exodar to post it all on the AH and decided to call it a night at that point.  I was 5.5 bubbles off level 7.  Oh well.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oye! Stop moping! Time to Restart! 1-4

After a month of levelling alts on different servers and settling back in with old friends I've decided it's time to stop moping and start a new challenge toon.  Here she is.

She's another "entrepreneur", I don't want to give up on my original challenge as I don't think it's an impossible would render my blog name pointless.  Because I don't have any high level toons on my new challenge server I put a little more thought into what class I rolled and decided to go with a druid.  Instant cast flight form and herbing in animal forms makes farming faster and I think it suits her "pacifist" trait quite nicely.  Fingers crossed nothing drastic happens this time, 18 levels isn't much to a normal player but it was an eternity of farming for me.

I've learned tonight that the achievements window is only unlocked if your either level 10 or you get an achievement.  We all know that merely stepping on a buttercup gives a person an achievement in WoW so it wasn't terribly hard unlocking my achievement window to show you guys the stats.  Once I was all set up and ready to go I headed out to restart the grind of doing quests that don't require killing to get money.

I decided to enjoy the benefit of doing it a second time round and started out by getting explorer xp in Teldrassil.  While I was in Darnassus I found myself a small but very friendly guild that was curious as to how a person can level in wow without killing anything.  Naturally they offered help in the way of gold to get me started but I had to gently turn them down, my wealth would feel a little hollow at 85 if it all started with money I didn't earn.

I got to level 2 just by exploration xp in Teldrassil.  Unfortunately the innkeeper quests don't seem to be available at level 2 (turns the requirement is level 3) so I kept going to Stormwind so I could do the level 1 quests there that give me money.  I dinged before I realised I'd forgotten about fraps...I then decided to forget fraps completely.  Fraps is such a pain anyway.

Because of commitments I have tomorrow I had to stop once I did the Stormwind quests and had a stack of herbs to sell.  I should have gone to the Draenai area to herb but I didn't want to waste time running there when I wanted to get the human innkeeper quest out of the way asap.  I thought it was rather appropriate that I had to log off when I reached level 4.  Dejavu.  I'm sorry I missed the screenshots of me dinging level 2 and 3 but at level 3 my new guildmates suggested I screenshot my stats page too and I thought it was a good idea.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Beginnings, New Ideas

I only have one slot left on the server I'm playing on now (It's my horde server, I've been there for over a year now) and it's my level one warlock bank toon.  I'm debating whether I should start up a challenge on her until I decide what to do with Ashlova but I can't decide what.  The benefit of playing this toon is that she's tied to my bank guild (which has a population of 1) so there's no levelling boosts or anything like that but I can also see myself getting bored having no one to talk to.  Part of me wonders if I should just ditch my bank guild, I'd gotten it for free from someone who's guild died and he was the only one in it.  Or should I pick another toon on the server that I'm not playing at the moment and make her the GM?  And then what sort of challenge should I do?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A forced break

I'm sorry for my lack of activity but something has recently happened on the server I was levelling Ashlova on that has left me extremely reluctant to log on.  I am going to wait a while before I log on to try and avoid any additional stress, or maybe I'll restart my challenge on a server that no one knows me on.  I'm not giving up, my confidence has just been shaken a little.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

OK Kids! 17-

Right kiddies, the words for today is rested xp.  Liquid gold for pacifist levellers.  Or at least that's what I think.....  I had at least 60% rested xp and was getting 264xp each time I hit a node.  I also bought ghost wolf form today, I love going 30% faster.  I even feel like I'm going faster swimming.  It felt odd today being chased by wolves in ghost wolf form, almost like they should be hugging me not eating me, oh well I guess they don't read the internet.

There are good points to roaming the plains of Westfall at level 17.  If you haven't done the quests all the defias camps are empty and your high enough to not agro the gnoll camps that usually sit next to trees that usually harbour herbs.  My efforts were interrupted approx 1/3 through level 17 thanks to ice cream...mmm ice cream...I'm not very good at saying no to ice cream (especially considering I have an only once a week ice cream rule).

Thanks to work/study the next day I had to stop at level 18.

BTW, I was really surprised that my blog made a mention on WoW Insider, I'd emailed to tell them about it but never expected anything to result from it.  Made a day of work a little brighter.  I'd never heard of the chick in the video, but everyone else in the comments section seemed to, I probably don't spend enough time on Youtube.  I'll be gone for a couple of days because of music stuff but I thought I should post this before I leave.  Lastly I've added a poll to the blog, please vote and/or leave a comment.

Friday, August 19, 2011

It's a long road to Tipperary! Level 15-16

I love logging in to money, herbs at low levels don't seem to sell as well as copper.  I'm not sure why, people still need them for inscription research...maybe I should roll an inscription toon......get back on track girl.

I've decided to give Redridge a go, there might be quests there I can do, I imagine I'll die a lot but hopefully it will be worth it.  I dinged 15 herbing/mining along the way thanks to rested xp and Ghost Wolf flashed on my screen.  After some deliberation and discussion with my guild mates I decided spending money learning Ghost Wolf was an acceptable investment.  Annoyingly I wasn't anywhere near a trainer and couldn't be bothered running back to Goldshire.  I won't let myself use the taxi service, it's too expensive in the grand scheme of things considering I can walk/ride places myself.  As I continued gathering I realised I was now getting 121 xp per node,  had myself a lil party.

I found quite a few quests in Redridge that I could do without killing anything.  They were mostly run in, die, rez, die, rez, loot, run away, get the picture.  They gave a decent amount of xp though and I dinged 16 easily and quickly.  As it would turn out white starter gear gets durability damage at level 15.  I'm still too low for Duskwood (or STV, the place I really wanna go), and Redridge isn't a good zone to gather for pacifists so I headed to Westfall for a second go of it.  I also decided to take a break at this point, I'll get back to it when all the Americans in my guild have gone to bed.  I feel less guilty about wasting time on a lowby pacifist toon when no one is around.  My guild is desperate for 85 healers (my specialty) and I don't have an 85 yet on this server.